by Dot Coach, Jan 09, 2018


Creativity is all about stand out from the crowd, you can show up your creative side from your writing skills too, action specks louder than words but your words can also be louder if you have that power to represent and arrange them well. There should be passion, emotion, and courage to write which a reader will never forget. Always try to be a best version of you. Writer should always recognize by their words that’s called the power of writing. There are some steps to improve your writing skills:

Always have studies while writing about particular topic:

This is very important while writing you should get some knowledge about that topic and then you should start your writing, this part is very essential, pre-study is very important before writing anything.

Write your Imagination into your words:

The best guide while writingis your imagination. If you are clear with your topic and ready with knowledge of that topic then rest a little and let your imagination work on it. Don’t copy pasteit never works. Make your imagination realistic and make it yours, write something different find that no one can ever noticed. Imagination has no boundaries you can imagine anything and everything and here comes the best part to write your imagination in your own words.

Write it extraordinary:

In today's era if you wants to convey a message to the audience, your words should be attractive and mold with creativity, for example : contact us and let's get connect both means same but the way is different because, let's get connect it looks different and attractive. You should always enhance your sentence while writing.

Point to be noted:

All readers are not same, so be on your point don’t add to much extra material. Explain your message with minimum words don’t overloadyour sentences, understanding the audience is very important. As a writer you should keep in mind that what are you writing what that exactly means and you are conveying your message to whom. So be particular on your points.

Read your work as reader:

When you are done the writing you should read your own paragraphs again and again to point your mistakes Enjoy while writing decorate your work with colorful words add some simply amazing sentences and work to blend your imagination.


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